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Official USAF document ftw!
8.1. Hand Salutes.
8.1.1. The hand salute is the form of greeting and recognition exchanged between persons in the armed services. All Air Force personnel in uniform are required to salute when they encounter any person or situation entitled to the salute. When the salute is rendered to another person, the junior member initiates the salute accompanied with an appropriate verbal greeting, e.g., "Good Morning, Sir/Ma'am." Salute and extend the verbal greeting at a distance at which recognition is easy and audible. Offer your salute early enough to allow the senior time to return it and extend a verbal greeting before you pass. All salutes received when in uniform shall be returned; at other times, salutes received shall be appropriately acknowledged. When the salute is rendered to a senior officer in a vehicle, hold the salute until it is returned by the officer or after the vehicle has passed. When reporting to a senior officer, secure permission to enter, walk to within two paces of the officer or desk, halt, salute and report. Hold the salute until it is returned. When leaving, you should, prior to departing, take one step back, render your salute, execute an about face and leave
in a military manner.

8.1.2. Local commanders are obligated to carefully review saluting policies for their installations. In areas where saluting would be highly repetitious or otherwise infeasible, commanders may designate the specific area(s) as a no salute or no hat, no salute area.
8.1.3. A member not in formation but in uniform, salutes as follows:

NOTE: Rendering/returning salutes is not required if either or both are in civilian attire or have their hands full; however, a greeting such as good morning sir/ma'am is appropriate.
[skipping a couple of points]
8.1.7. When at a military funeral in uniform, salute the caisson or hearse as it passes and the casket as it is carried by your position. You should also salute during the firing of volleys and the playing of Taps.

ETA: I totally forgot to "turn" the page!

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